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Anti-money laundering / AML checks & ID checks

Manage your risk with IDU AML

Conducting due diligence for anti-money laundering purposes can be a balancing act; you want to make client acquisition as simple as possible, yet you have to protect your business, and yourself, from the threat of money laundering and non-compliance.


Fortunately, electronic verification tools now make the process of verifying identity and screening individuals much easier.


IDU AML is one of the leading electronic identity verification systems in the UK, enabling you to confidently verify a customer’s identity, comply with anti-money laundering guidelines, and ensure that customers enjoy a seamless verification experience.


How does IDU AML verify identity?

By screening personal details against a host of positive and negative datasets, IDU AML helps you to quickly and easily confirm that a prospect client is who they say they are, whilst also flagging any potential risk.


IDU AML performs the following key tasks:


Instantly verifies client/beneficial owner identity

Provides a detailed report for risk assessment

Screens against domestic and international datasets

Flags Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Highlights those subject to sanctions

Identifies insolvent individuals

Will I be able to verify paper documentation?

In addition to interrogating a multitude of electronic datasets, IDU AML also allows you to verify the following documents:


UK and International passports

ID cards

GB Driving Licences

Electricity Bills

Credit/Debit Cards

National Insurance numbers

National Health Service Numbers

The property register search (PRS) tool, you can also verify the individual owns the property in question, providing you with further confidence.


What do the On-line AML Checks or Id Checks cost?

We currently have a special offer available purchase a bundle of 25 AML ID reports for £170.00 plus VAT (£6.80 plus VAT per search)


For larger AML Checking or ID Checking requirements please complete the on-line form, call us on 01925 738353 or email us for a quotation on