Possession Orders

We offer 2 different Eviction notices under the Housing Act 1988. Which one is suitable for you depends on your circumstances. We can look to serve 14 days’ notice to seek possession if this is due to rent arrears. If your tenant has breached tenancy agreement, then a Section 8 notice would be more appropriate. If a 2 months’ notice is required to end the tenancy and obtain possession you would require a Section 21 notice. Whether you know what notice is required or not, The Landlords Legal Hub can assist you with this, we provide the relevant advice based on your circumstances and get to work on your case as if it was our own property.


Step 1 – Legal Notice – The Landlords Legal Hub would issue the relevant notice to your tenants on your behalf, ensuring the correct documentation is issued and served in a compliant manner. If your tenant fails to clear the arrears and/or leave the property upon expiry of the notice, we would look to start stage 2 of the process


Step 2 – Court Proceedings –  Should your tenant still remain in the property The Landlords Legal Hub would attend court on your behalf, with our expert knowledge within landlord/tenant law our success rate on winning the possession orders is second to none


Step 3 – Bailiff Service – If your tenant has not vacated your property by the date set by the courts we can look to instruct Bailiffs to evict the tenants with minimal fuss, our team of specially trained enforcers will regain access to your property. We will also have a locksmith on sight to change the relevant locks and ensure your property is left secure